• What’s up?

    I know, I know.. I’ve been extremely lazy lately, at least when it comes to sharing knowledge with you guys. I guess the main reason for that is that I’m currently on parental leave which means that my days are not really spent researching, architecting and developing as much as they are spent entertaining Miranda…… Continue reading

  • How cool is this?

    I’m currently writing this post on the express bus to Redmond using my iPod touch and the free WiFi provided on the bus. In my book it doesn’t get much cooler than that! Continue reading

  • T4 editor available

    It seems Clarius Consulting have released a beta version of a pretty nice addition to Visual Studio, at least if you’re working with the Guidance Automation Toolkit. The T4 Editor will give you IntelliSense, nice colorization etc when working with your T4 templates. I’m now just waiting for them to release a version of the Software… Continue reading

  • VS2008 RTM any day now?

    According to the Microsoft guys in building 20, the RTM of Visual Studio 2008 and .NET Framework 3.5 is coming “very, Very, VERY soon” – whatever that means… Continue reading

  • Going to Redmond!

    Well, in a couple of days I’m off to the Microsoft Campus in Redmond! I’m attending an Orcas Adoption Workshop next week which will take me through all the new stuff in Visual Studio 2008 and .NET Framework 3.5. So far, I haven’t got the agenda so I have more or less no idea who… Continue reading

  • Caching dynamic controls in ASP.NET – solution

    In my last post, I asked for help with a problem we’ve been having with caching of dynamic controls – and I got some from Dave Reed. Dave works for the ASP.NET team and if his blog isn’t on your roll yet, add it ASAP – it’s simply brilliant. Dave explained the problem: Apparently, the… Continue reading

  • Caching dynamic controls in ASP.NET

    Since the invention of partial caching in ASP.NET, we have been trying our best to implement it on our web pages. But without much luck. This post is a request, or I guess you could call it a “cry”, for help! The problem is that we create all our controls dynamically, and each page can… Continue reading

  • The new SOA

    This is going to be confusing for me.. There’s a new SOA in town: Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar (or SoA). Let’s just hope they’ll continue to use the abbreviation LOTRO instead.. Continue reading

  • Online course from 2xSundblad

    I’ve just looked through a part of the preview of the coming online course from 2xSundblad called Architecting Service Oriented Systems – Overview. It’s Flash-based with a mix of video, audio and slides. Looks very promising and it will be available for a very reasonable $399 (if you register your interest early you’ll even get… Continue reading

  • The Agile pyramid

    One of my favorite developer sites, Worse Than Failure (used to be called The Daily WTF), just published an article about Agile methodologies and why they suck. While I don’t agree with Alex it’s always fun when an analogy is turned upside down… The problem here is that the Pyramid analogy is flawed in the… Continue reading

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