• Web Service Software Factory

    I know, I know.. I’m very late to this game, but I just looked through a webcast about the Web Service Software Factory and it really looks pretty interesting. I say this much because, well, the basic architecture that their recipes produce looks very similar to the one I started to implement almost a year ago.… Continue reading

  • Proxy-assembly till tjänster

    På samma tema som Adminklient till entitetstjänster, dvs förenkling av utveckling i en SOA-miljö, kommer här en liten beskrivning av hur vi försöker göra det lättare att konsumera våra interna webbtjänster. Observera att samma "disclaimers" som i förra avsnittet gäller även nu.. Sammanhang Du har identifierat ett antal tjänster av enklare typ som kommer att… Continue reading

  • Certad!

    Måste bara berätta att jag i torsdags (äntligen!) blev certifierad i 2xSundblads utbildning i .NET-arkitektur. Kan inte annat än rekommendera den varmt! Det har varit 12 väldigt roliga och lärorika dagar. Dessutom riktigt kul att få ägna så mycket tid åt att diskutera arkitekturfrågor med en hel drös av andra med samma intresse! Ännu så… Continue reading

  • Adminklient till entitetstjänster

    Innan jag ens börjar måste jag först dra några små "disclaimers". Det jag skriver nedan bryter mot minst en av grundpelarna i SOA (fler än så om man är lite petig). Det bör alltså användas med stor försiktighet och med en god anledning. Detta må se ut som ett mönster, men är det absolut inte… Continue reading

  • Project references in GAT

    Yesterday I spent more or less the entire day trying to figure out how to add references between projects while unfolding a solution template. Turns out it was wasn’t that tricky once you get the hang of GAT… Here’s a step-by-step instruction: Add new arguments for the complete name of each project in the CreateSolution… Continue reading

  • The pain of Guidance Automation Toolkit

    I'm telling you, writing guidance packages using GAT can be infinitely frustrating! At least on my rather slow laptop with a measly 1 Gb of RAM. Why is that, you might ask yourself? Well, here's the process you use when finding errors in a package: Rebuild your package (about 45 seconds) Register your package (about… Continue reading

  • GAT again

    My last post was about the Guidance Automation Toolkit from the P&P team. Well, I’ve spent a couple of hours trying to wrap my head around it and I have to admit I’m quite overwhelmed. It is very well structured and the possibilities are endless, but the amount of XML files and other stuff is… Continue reading

  • Guidance Automation Toolkit

    Wow, these days it’s not easy keeping up with the latest stuff from Microsoft, especially if you’re an architect..! The latest thing to be released from the Pattern & Practices team is the Guidance Automation Toolkit. In short, it’s a set of tools that simplifies the process of creating templates and wizards for VS 2005.… Continue reading

  • Interface design in distributed solutions

    The guys at thinktecture have released a quite interesting email conversation about Interface design in distributed solutions. A rather interesting read which deals with some of the problems that tend to be ignored when discussing SOA solutions. In particular, how to map service interfaces to the underlying components. Continue reading

  • SOA: Sharing Schema AND Class

    Usually, I am very much a strict SOA advocate. I really do believe in the principles of having loosely coupled, interface-based, self-contained services. But, that doesn’t mean that you’re not allowed to cut some corners once in awhile! One of the problems with doing SOA based development in .NET is the more or less lousy… Continue reading

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