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I’m thinking about writing an article (it would be my first) about best practices when developing medium to large WinForm applications. There are just an enormous amount of articles on how to layer your data logic and your application logic, but then when you get to the user interface and you’re not doing web development, you pretty much have to come up with everything yourself.

I have been experimenting with this for some time now, and the last weeks I’ve actually been building an application for my employer based on this. Since it seems to be working out rather nicely (with some room for improvement of course) I thought I’d build a nice reference app to share my findings.

Don’t expect anything though.. If there is one thing I know about myself it is that I get really excited about doing this kind of things, but in the end that excitement tends to drift away..

2 thoughts on “WinForms best practices

  1. Eric J Smith Feb 15,2006 15:33

    I am working on an app that has hundreds of controls across numerous tabs – it runs just fine, but developing is a little slow – and I worry about corruption of the resources that are tied to the page. Are you aware of any good sites, books, or resources that deal with managing very complex winform apps…


  2. Anders Ljusberg Feb 15,2006 16:04

    I would probably give the Composite UI Application Block a good long look if I where you. The Pattern & Practices team has really spent some time with it, and it shows..!

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