What’s Smöråkning?

Well, I finally got a bit tired of the old title of my blog (which was basically no title at all; "blog.ljusberg.com") and like so many other bloggers, I tried to be a bit creative.

Smöråkning is a Swedish skiing-term which tries to describe the kind of run where everything is just a little too perfect. The slope is perfectly groomed, maybe with a very light dusting of dry snow on it, and however bad a skiier you usually are you look and feel like a pro going down it. A week of Smöråkning would be really, really boring since it is completely unchallenging, but the occasional Smöråk can give you a nice confidence boost and will easily put a smile on your face for the rest of the day.

The term can also be used slightly out of context, as a more generic term for when life feels good – and maybe a little too perfect. Again, if life was like this all the time you'd probably go nuts but every once in a while we all deserve a break.