Finally, support for Sandcastle September CTP 2

I have updated the MSBuild script for Sandcastle to support the September CTP.

You can download the new version in the Downloads section of this site. You'll find the installation instructions there as well.

New in this version:

  1. Support for Sandcastle September CTP (actually, it is needed)
  2. Support for Visual Studio 2005-like help files
  3. Support for Index and Search
  4. Output directory is configurable (thank you Don Eddleman)

Oh, and sorry for being a little bit slow with this, but better late than never – right?

2 thoughts on “Finally, support for Sandcastle September CTP

  1. Anand Raman Oct 20,2006 06:10

    Thanks you for contributing to Sandcastle. Have you considered posting this as a “Codeplex” project along with


  2. anders Oct 20,2006 06:49

    Well, why not..? I’ll look into that!

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