MSBuild script December CTP 5

Time for a new release of the MSBuild script for Sandcastle, this time targeting the Sandcastle December CTP.

Download it from the CodePlex site

New in this version:

  1. Better support for Sandcastle December CTP
  2. A short FAQ

5 thoughts on “MSBuild script December CTP

  1. Don Eddleman Feb 28,2007 19:55

    Hope all is well!

    Finally updating to December CTP now that the Feb CTP is comming out 🙂
    Not sure whether you have run into my problem on the TOC file generated by Sandcastle but I have posted the problem and my fix here:

    Also added a CleanDoc target so I can clean up the doc files and thought you might want to add to your targets. Here it is if you want:

    Take Care,

  2. anders Mar 1,2007 08:46

    Thank’s Don!

    I see you have a target called UnregisterHelp2. Is that an extension for registering/unregistering help files?

  3. Don Eddleman Mar 1,2007 19:23

    Yes, I have both a register and unregister task so that developers can place the doc into VS. I use the H2Reg utility from Helpware. Works like a champ.

  4. Kid Mar 6,2007 21:14

    Hi. Thanks for the script. But I’m having a problem. When I run the command as per the instructions( >MSBuild Documentation.proj /t:Documentation” from the sandcastletest folder) I do not get the page where you have all the check boxes for Private, public and all those identifiers. Am I missing something here?

    Any help would be much appreciated.

  5. anders Mar 8,2007 08:50

    I’m not exactly sure which page you’re talking about, but the VS2005 template isn’t exactly a 100% match to the one used in the .NET Framework documentation. It’s still in Beta..

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