Wow, that was quick! I got tagged by Joakim Sundén which means I’m supposed to tell you five things that you may not know about me. Well, luckily none of my friends actually read this blog so I should be able to tell you more or less anything and it’ll all be news to you [:)]. So here goes:

  1. I was born and raised in Göteborg on the Swedish west coast but moved to Stockholm in 1995 to start my studies at KTH (the Royal Institute of Technology). I chose KTH over Chalmers for two main reasons; first of all they (at least at the time) had a Computer Science program that suited me better, but maybe more importantly I really liked the idea of getting a fresh start in a new city!
  2. My first computer was a Commodore 64, but even before that I used to play a lot with my best friend’s VIC 20. I was never into computer games at all though. The only thing I was interested in was programming BASIC. Of course, that changed eventually, and now I enjoy my computer games as much as the next guy.. or probably quite a lot more than the next guy…
  3. A few months ago I made a deal with my girlfriend (Elisabeth). The deal was that she would start blogging (on our common blog “Pop“) if I gave World of Warcraft a chance (she already had a couple of lvl 60 characters but to her dismay, I never wanted to play with her). Anyway, she made a couple of posts but haven’t blogged since Miranda was born. I, however, got totally hooked on WoW and I even think she’s starting to regret having made the deal in the first place.
  4. My master’s thesis had the title “Natural Language-based Query Processing in a Limited Domain”. It was an attempt to implement the basis of a search engine that could interpret full scentences and then give the expected answers. It was written using a combination of Java and Prolog and was actually quite a lot of fun to do! Since then, I haven’t been close to the subject…
  5. Politically, I’d like to describe myself as Green Liberal. Since there is no such party here in Sweden and I’m more green than liberal, I recently joined the Green Party. I don’t exactly agree with everything they say, but I really think they’ve made quite a bit of difference (in a good way) to the Swedish environmental policies the past 10 years.

Now.. who do I tag, who do I tag.. I guess I’ll go with; Meri Guso, Frank Kroondijk, Dag König, Rob Hornby and finally my brother, Thomas Ljusberg (I know, he doesn’t have a blog but it’s only a matter of time, trust me..!)

4 responses to “Tagged!”

  1. Ha ha, you got me. Good to hear from you!


  2. Jorå, ibland tittar man in här. Betyder det att du måste komma på fler saker att berätta?


  3. Hehe.. hmm.. njae.. tror jag hoppar över det..


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