• Introducing the Entile Notification Framework

    Update 2011-01-13: A first preview is now available. You can get it here! This post is an introduction to the (not yet publicly released) Entile Notification Framework for Windows Phone 7 (wow, I should work for marketing at Microsoft…). If you like what you see and would like to give it a go yourself, follow… Continue reading

  • Episode 2 – Injecting the context

    Alright, it’s about time for the second post in my series on a reference architecture for back-end services. As you may recall, my last post covered how to build up Repositories using the code-only features of Entity Framework CTP 4. This time I’ll talk a bit about how to connect things together using dependency injection… Continue reading

  • Episode 1 – Repository with EF Magic Unicorn (CTP 4)

    This will be the first episode in a series of posts that I hope I’ll be able to write in the next few weeks. I’m working on a reference architecture for back-end services that use a few of the new technologies in .NET Framework 4 (and some that are still in preview). This first post… Continue reading

  • Code Contracts for your Interface

    So by now, you have probably heard a lot about “code contracts”, a new feature in .NET 4.0 that allows you to decorate your methods and properties with things like pre- and post conditions. I’ve seen them mentioned a lot and I’ve seen quite a few basic demos that explain the different types of contracts… Continue reading

  • Unity interception performance

    The past two years or so I’ve been working with a rather large team of developers on the latest incarnation of our bespoke web site platform here at Thomas Cook NE. We decided early on to use Unity and the Interception Extension at pretty much all layers across the entire site. One page view will… Continue reading

  • Caching dynamic controls in ASP.NET – solution

    In my last post, I asked for help with a problem we’ve been having with caching of dynamic controls – and I got some from Dave Reed. Dave works for the ASP.NET team and if his blog isn’t on your roll yet, add it ASAP – it’s simply brilliant. Dave explained the problem: Apparently, the… Continue reading

  • Caching dynamic controls in ASP.NET

    Since the invention of partial caching in ASP.NET, we have been trying our best to implement it on our web pages. But without much luck. This post is a request, or I guess you could call it a “cry”, for help! The problem is that we create all our controls dynamically, and each page can… Continue reading

  • Code beauty

    It’s pretty clear that there are two basic kinds of developers; those that write code only to get the job done, and those that write code which in addition to getting the job done also looks good. I’m definitely part of the latter group and I have to say that sometimes I get frustrated when… Continue reading

  • Code conventions

    During the years I’ve seen a lot of different code convention documents, and they’ve all been huge and inaccessible. No-one ever read them through, and even if you did you couldn’t possibly keep all of it in mind all the time. Anyway, since there was no such document here at Observer when I started, one… Continue reading

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