• Entile – MVVM and Extra Information

    In my last post I did the easy and demo friendly 5-minute install of Entile. But what if you need some more control? Perhaps you’re using the MVVM pattern (actually, I really hope you do), and most likely you need to be able to pass some more information about your user in order to send… Continue reading

  • Entile – From Zero to Toast in 5 minutes

    Yesterday, I made two NuGet packages for Entile available in the NuGet gallery. Today, I thought I’d walk you through how to get started! I will show you how to create a completely functional app with a Live Tile as well as Toast notifications. Prerequisites You’ll need the following installed on your developer machine: Visual… Continue reading

  • Entile now on github

    Well, that took me long enough, didn’t it? Anyway, rejoice, because Entile Notification Framework for Windows Phone 7 is now on github! So, from now on please get your downloads from there. No major changes since the preview though, I’ve mostly spent some time getting to know how to use git and github… Feel free to contribute!… Continue reading

  • Preview of Entile Notification Framework

    My last post was an Introduction to the Entile Notification Framework for Windows Phone 7. I got a few requests from people who wanted to play around with it but felt I had some polishing to do first. Today I finally feel that it’s good enough to show to those that are most interested, so… Continue reading

  • Introducing the Entile Notification Framework

    Update 2011-01-13: A first preview is now available. You can get it here! This post is an introduction to the (not yet publicly released) Entile Notification Framework for Windows Phone 7 (wow, I should work for marketing at Microsoft…). If you like what you see and would like to give it a go yourself, follow… Continue reading

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