• New Twitter Id – New blog

    So, I finally decided on a new Twitter id for myself. I’ve always felt that andlju is kind of boring and seeing how I do most of my problem solving while trying to go to sleep, CodingInsomnia seemed rather appropriate. Hopefully, this will also lead to an inspiration boost for me to do some proper… Continue reading

  • Community Server 2007

    The guys over at Telligent released the much longed for new version of Community Server. And they did it right on schedule! Very impressive! I spent a couple of hours yesterday upgrading my 2.1 installation and it all went pretty smoothly. Haven’t checked out the new theme engine yet, but maybe I’ll get around to… Continue reading

  • Downside of getting recognized

    Damn.. it appears that the downside of getting a good Google Ranking and having links to your site all over the place is comment spam. I guess it's time to introduce some sort of spam-fighting method..   Continue reading

  • Migration complete

    Well, finally I've managed to migrate everything to the Community Server. There are a couple of quirks left (such as strange theming) to work out, but all in all I am pretty happy with the results! Let me know if you find anything strange while you're here. As an example, you shouldn't be forced to… Continue reading

  • Moving

    I've recently begun the process of moving my domains to a new ISP, and the new one (Axentus) gives me access to a SQL Server 2005. I've installed Community Server on it, and hopefully I'll manage to move this blog to the CS blog engine. I'll try my best to make the transition as smooth… Continue reading

  • Mandatory test posting

    OK, this is my first, mandatory, test posting.. I don't really have the time to introduce myself properly, so this will be a short post.. My name is Anders Ljusberg, and I have recently started to work as a System Architect at Observer Group in Sweden. I'm most certainly not what you'd call "senior", but… Continue reading

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