• Scrum Dashboard

    If you’re a fan of Scrum and Team Foundation Server you’ll probably want to have a look at the Scrum Dashboard recently published on CodePlex by EPiServer. It looks very cool but unfortunately for us it uses the Scrum for Team System templates by Conchango instead of the “vanilla” MSF Agile templates that we’re using.… Continue reading

  • Structure for Organizing Team Projects

    As seen in previous posts, I have just started messing around with Team Foundation Server. My next area of concern is actually how to divide and organize all our current and future .NET solutions and services into Team Projects. As I wrote in a forum post on MSDN: We are gradually moving to a more… Continue reading

  • Good news about work items

    Buck Hodges has some good news about how users are displayed in the RTM version of Team System. Instead of using the actual user name (in my case, “1910”), they will use the Display Name instead (“Ljusberg, Anders”). Sure, I’m starting to remember most peoples user numbers by now, but the “Assigned to” drop down… Continue reading

  • Team Foundation Server

    Another thing I’ve been looking forward to and finally got to do – installing Team Foundation Server. Now, the minimum requirement for a one-server installation is something like “Pentium IV 2.2GHz or better”. Well.. I’ve just completed an installation on a Pentium II 450 MHz box, and so far so good (haven’t played with it… Continue reading

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