The Venice Project changes name to Joost! 7

Last week I blogged about the Venice Project. Well, I just got an email telling me they’ve changed their name to “Joost” and will soon be accepting more beta testers. Maybe I’ll even get some more invitation tokens soon..

7 thoughts on “The Venice Project changes name to Joost!

  1. yannick Jan 17,2007 10:57


    Good news, if they will be accepting more beta tester.

    If is it possible and if you have invitation, could you send me one at yannick38 at


  2. tassaramar Jan 17,2007 14:50

    I would like to add myself to the list of invitation-askers!(or demanders! LOL). If you happen to have one it would be nice if you send it to tassaramar at gmail . com

  3. tassaramar Jan 17,2007 14:51

    Oops. Think I posted twice. Sorry.

  4. Jocelyn Jan 19,2007 15:07

    any invitations left for Joost? I would be happy to receive one!


  5. Pedro Moutinho Jan 24,2007 01:35

    I love to have one invitation for Joost.
    You don’t have some extra please?

  6. tester Jan 29,2007 15:32

    Hej Anders,

    Finns det möjlighet att få en invitation till Joost?..för att jag skickade en mail men det har gått två veckor och det händer inget. Om det går vänligen skicka till


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