• The Venice Project changes name to Joost!

    Last week I blogged about the Venice Project. Well, I just got an email telling me they’ve changed their name to “Joost” and will soon be accepting more beta testers. Maybe I’ll even get some more invitation tokens soon.. Continue reading

  • The Venice Project

    A couple of weeks ago, my application for beta-testing The Venice Project finally came through and I was able to get my hand on the client. They call it “the future of television” and I have to say that so far I am very impressed with what I’ve seen. Don’t get me wrong – at… Continue reading

  • Bredbands-TV

    Ser ut som om Bahnhof planerar att lansera bredbands-TV med lite mer flexibilitet än nuvarande lösningar (från typ Telia etc). Låter lovande! Jag har redan anmält mig som frivillig till piloten, så får vi se hur bra det fungerar tillsammans med vår HTPC.. Lite lustigt är förresten att de använder sig av domänen one.se, där… Continue reading

  • WANTED: Your HTPC configuration

    The past couple of months I’ve been increasingly active on the GBPVR Forum. GBPVR is without doubt the best PVR I’ve used on my HTPC so far. A couple of weeks ago, one member suggested that someone set up a Wiki for HTPC hardware, so that new users or users who are in the process… Continue reading

  • PVR á la Anders

    You know, I've always wanted to build my own PVR (even long before I had even heard the expression), but it's not until now that I really feel that the time has come to actually do it! And why now, you say? Well, let me tell you.. Or actually, let me show you. Have a… Continue reading

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