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My last post was an Introduction to the Entile Notification Framework for Windows Phone 7. I got a few requests from people who wanted to play around with it but felt I had some polishing to do first. Today I finally feel that it’s good enough to show to those that are most interested, so here goes:

Zip file with the first alpha preview version of Entile:

Entile First Preview (Update: 2010-01-19, link removed. Use the Entile repository at github instead)

My suggestion would be for you to have a look in the Samples folder. There are two projects in there; Entile.TestApp (a Windows Phone 7 app) and Entile.TestHost (a web app hosting some WCF services). The TestHost app contains two modules, one that sends out Toasts (called ManualNotification) and one that can update your Live Tile (it’s a semi-functional version of the host I’m using for my Week Number app).

And please do share your experience! Tell me what you like, tell me what you don’t like and tell me where you would like me to go with the project!

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  3. Mendoza Jan 17,2011 11:35


    Did you tried running your WP7 app on device? Unfortunately project for WP7 doesn’t work on my devices. HttpNotificationChannel.ChannelUriUpdated is never called. I found that other people have also this problem –…/442290.aspx. Is any solution to this issue?

    • anders Jan 17,2011 12:49

      I’ve never had this problem myself, but what I’ve heard on forums is that restoring the device to factory settings usually makes it work again. If you haven’t tried that, I’d recommend giving it a go.

      • Mendoza Jan 17,2011 13:16

        Yes I tried but after restart (turn off and turn on) of device, I cannot again connect to MS PNS. I haven’t found solution for this issue yet.

        • anders Jan 17,2011 13:27

          Ouch. That sucks. Which device do you have? I have not seen anything like this on my Samsung Omnia 7 at least.

          • Mendoza Jan 17,2011 15:43

            I have 4 different models of devices from few vendors. On all of this devices we have this issue. This really sucks :/

          • anders Jan 17,2011 15:47

            Very very odd. Well, I’m afraid I won’t be able to provide much help with this issue. Let us know in the forums if you get any response from Microsoft!

  4. Mendoza Jan 17,2011 11:36 – this is the proper link from previous comment.

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